SmartAnalyst is focused on supporting Bio-Pharma Innovation

Founded in 2000, and a part of UDG Healthcare since 2018; SmartAnalyst’s 150+ person team focuses on supporting Bio-Pharma Innovation, with a mission to drive pipeline and portfolio value for global pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

SmartAnalyst provide Strategic Consulting Services, Health Economic and Real World Evidence Solutions, and Insights that are compelling, strategic, and actionable.


Provide comprehensive, integrated solutions based on SmartAnalyst’s deep understanding of the science, the market, the commercial opportunity, and the key business decisions our clients face.

  • Support key strategic decisions at the disease, asset and portfolio level
  • With deep domain expertise, our Oncology team has completed over 700 projects in the past 5 years, across all major solid tumors and hematological malignancies
  • SmartAnalysts Specialty Therapeutics team works across other therapeutic areas, including immunology, neuroscience, hematology, and rare diseases
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Data-driven insights into future market dynamics to develop forward-looking strategies

  • The SMARTOncology Tumor Insights syndicated reports provide future market dynamics and benchmarks for success for over 30 tumors, and the SMARTImmunoOncology Navigator, a unique proprietary database, curates available data and links outcomes (efficacy, safety and survival rates) to granular clinical programs and program design.
  • The SMARTImmunology Insights syndicated reports provide disease landscape and forward-looking insights into   ̴20 autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.
  • SmartAnalyst reports are used by clinical development, global strategic marketing, new product development and market research teams to help inform key product development decisions.
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Provide compelling clinical and cost-benefit evidence for market access

  • Seamlessly integrated domain expertise and analytical skills, with over 100 projects and 75+ publications completed in the last 5 years across therapeutic areas
  • SmartAnalyst’s HEOR and RWE solutions include economic modelling, dynamic disease modeling, outcomes research, treatment pattern and burden of illness analyses.


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