Putnam Associates

Strategy is in our DNA

Putnam Associates’ mission is to help life sciences companies make better decisions. Putnam was founded over 30 years ago with the idea of bringing classical strategy consulting disciplines to product, franchise and business unit decisions.

Putnam help a roster of leading life sciences companies, ranging from 19 of the top 20 global biopharmaceutical companies to venture-backed biotech companies, identify and classify opportunity, and build impactful strategies to pursue it with valuable, clearly articulated, data driven insights.

Putnam’s focus on every project is the same, put the client’s needs first while delivering exceptional impact and value on every project.

Services at Putnam Associates

Putnam Associates expertise provides a broad set of strategy solutions to client teams covering six core practice areas.

  • Value, Pricing & Access Strategy
  • New Product Strategy
  • Established Product & Franchise Strategy
  • Medical & Scientific Affairs Strategy
  • Portfolio Licensing & Development Strategy
  • Enterprise Strategy
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Careers at Putnam Associates

With offices in Boston, San Francisco, New York and London, working at Putnam provides a unique opportunity to acquire extensive and practical understanding of the dynamic world of life sciences from world-class internal and external experts. The strategic nature of our work allows team members to have an outsized impact on decisions that shape the future of healthcare. Putnam’s team-based approach lets you work side by side with amazing, bright, and humble individuals

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